Autumn/Fall Favorites: Beautiful Trendy Lipsticks:

Hello everyone! 🙂 Today it’s a makeup day review because we are going to talk about my top lipsticks for this A/W season! 🙂 
For this season the trend is to wear dark shades, but also shine/metallic lipsticks to start a gorgeous and positive week.

So, in this post I will talk about five lipsticks that I’m going to wear the most this A/W season: 

1- Nyx Liquid Suede in Stone Fox:

It seems that for this Fall/Winter season every shade of grey will be the new black. So, very trendy!

Now you can openly summon your inner Goth queen and go for one of the boldest shade around: dark grey. My favorite is Nyx Liquid Suede in Stone Fox, a beautiful dark gray with blue undertones. This is the lipstick that I wore for the opening of the NYX shop at the mall in my city; it is a great, highly pigmented, long lasting and matte finish liquid lipstick, plus it is a true beauty bargain! I have tested it and I can honestly say that it lasts for about 4/5 hours without fading – it remained perfect from my morning university classes to the evening, if you don’t eat or drink. This liquid lipstick has a creamy texture at first, but then the finish is really matte, and so comfortable to wear that once it’s dried down you forget it’s even there.

What’s not good about it: Yes, it has long lasting properties, but when it fades it’s not pretty. The formula settle into lip lines, making them very apparent, and, sadly, the color flakes with pieces of lipstick coming off in chunks, particularly towards the corners of your mouth. So, when the product starts to fade, I would recommend taking it off your lips ASAP and apply a brand new coat .

Moreover, this is a bold, unusual shade, so I would recommend to follow the good old advice; try it before buying it… meaning, try it and see if this unique shade looks great on you and really compliments your skin tone, or not at all!

I really love the color range of this NYX collection, plus they aren’t pricey and have a fantastic velvet-matte finish.

You can find it here 

2- Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Whipped Blush:

I absolutely love this product but, to be honest, I have a love/hate feeling about the color. The shade is a gorgeous bright pink, but too much shimmery for my taste. The texture slicks on easily, leaving a juicy color and a glossy shine finish.

Word of advice; once the creamy-liquid texture sets for good, in less than an hour, the formula starts to feel too dry, so for comfortable wear use a good lip balm underneath it.

The color quality is strong, so it stays on all day without smudging, plus it’s a bargain!

According to the Internet, this A/F season will see the return of the liquid lipstick/gloss with a light shine finish, so I think this is the perfect shade to master this trend. Also, you will be as radiant as the pink clouds kissed by the sun before a beautiful winter sunset 😉

You can find it here

3- Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Rosepout

A quick swipe of a nude, warm lipstick never goes out of style, so it’s the perfect choice for an everyday classy look this Fall season.

I love this lipstick because, at least for me, it’s the perfect shade of nude (a lovely subtle dusty rose), and it has a strong color quality. Also, its satin finish texture feels lightweight throughout is wear time, and its creamy formula is easy to apply.

For this one you don’t need to apply a lip balm underneath, thanks to the good moisturizing ingredients that Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick contains.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick to wear this Fall/Winter season, you have to try this; I adore it and I guarantee you will not be disappointed! It is a little pricey, but the color and the quality are amazing, so totally worth your money.

You can find it here

4- YSL Rouge Volupte Aqua Shine Effect in Violet Incognito:

A dark purple shade is perfect for a season that it is warm but also cool. And I love this bold color!

This lipstick is amazing; it has the highly pigmented color of a lipstick, with the comfortable, lightweight and hydrating feeling of a lip balm.

The formula is packed with moisturizing emollients, such as Pomegranate extracts, Candellila resins and Hyaluronic Acid Spheres, all great ingredients to protect and nourish your lips. If you want the color to really pop-up, I would recommend using a good lip pencil in a similar color of the lipstick. A good lip liner can also help to prevent the movement of the color into the fine lines around your mouth.

The rich color of YSL Rouge Volupte Aqua Shine Effect in Violet Incognito wears well and fades evenly, leaving a bit of a stain behind. But, like I said before, if you want to maintain the bold color through all the night/day you will need to use a lip pencil and reapply the product after 3/4 hours.

The sad part is that this is a luxury product, so it is on the pricey side, but if you’re going to splurge on a designer lip color, I can assure you that this won’t disappoint you or your wallet! 😉 

You can find it here

5- Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting in Empowered:

I absolutely love this lipstick! Red lips are always a classic great choice, particularly during the Fall/Winter season. And there is nothing like a red lipstick to power up your look! Moreover, this shade of red is gorgeous: it has a medium pigmentation with a beautiful and subtle crystalline shine. Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting glides smoothly across your lips due to its creamy texture and fades to an attractive satin finish after about five hours. It also feels comfortable and lightweight during its entire wear time. You don’t need to use a good lip balm underneath it because the formula is really hydrating, but if you want to obtain the perfect all day makeup look you can pair it with a good lip pencil.

I have the travel size of this lipstick because it was a gift; I love that it is small and you can put it literally in every confined spot of your clutch/bag/pocket… etc. I have to be honest, this is a luxury product, so it’s pricey, but I can assure you that this amazing lipstick is worth your money (and if I you will be able to find the travel size, lucky you, go for it without thinking too much).

You can find it here




Review of Morphe Brushes 35 Colour Plum Eye Shadow Palette (35P):

Hello everyone! 🙂 Today it is a makeup day review, because we are going to talk about the Morphe Brushes 35 Colour Plum Eye Shadow Palette (35P)

Who is it for? 

Everyone who wants a good, but not so pricey palette, with a wide selection of neutral and autumnal plum colors to achieve a broad spectrum of makeup effects.

What’s good about it?

This huge palette contains 35 generously sized pans, with a mixture of matte, satin, shimmer and micro-glitter finish shadows. From palest ivory to charcoal, the versatile mix of colors of this palette is so amazing that you can easily create various daytime or nighttime eye shadow looks. But the real stars of this palette are the myriad of beautiful purple tones; brilliant violets sit alongside soft mauves, rich blackberries and warm, autumnal plum colors.

I have already used this palette in various situations such as cold/warm weather with high humidity, and I am really pleased with the results, so far. The eye shadows are designed to be applied dry or even wet to achieve various depths of tones and intensities on the lids.

These eye shadows have a good, slightly buttery texture, and after you have blend them well on your eyelids, they deliver an appreciable color payoff. Also, the shades are as bright on the eyelids as they are in the palette.

The Morphe Brushes 35P Palette is packaged within a black, thin plastic container, really nice and lightweight, but also quite large (it has to be, of course, to contain 35 pans), which does make it not so easy to store if you own multiple palettes; no travel friendly size here, girls! 😉

You can find it here.

What’s not so good about it?

The shades are highly pigmented, but some of them are a little bit on the fallout side, in terms of texture, so you have to work patiently with the brush to blend them on your eyelids for achieving a good level of intensity and durability. But this is a minor setback given the overall quality and the great prize of this huge palette . Also, like I said, I have wear them in many different occasions and if you use a good eye primer underneath, they last all day.

There is also a dark/plum color with so many glitters in it that when you put it on your lids it will fall everywhere; beautiful color, but very difficult to blend properly.

Final thoughts! 

So, if you are looking for a very good, extremely versatile, not so pricey and very trendy palette for this Fall/Winter season then this is definitely one to check out. In fact, the quality and pigmentation of Morphe Brushes 35 Colour Plum Eye Shadow Palette (35P) is simply amazing for the price.

Final Vote:

4 on 5 stars

The packaging:

The colors:


First vertical line:

Second vertical line:

Third vertical line:

Fourth vertical line:

Fifth vertical line:

Sixth vertical line:

Seventh vertical line:



7 Things (More Or Less) You Should Know Before Dyeing Your Hair With Unusual Colors:

Hello everyone! 🙂 Being boring is well… boring, so this summer trend slogan is… “color your hair purple, green, blue or rainbow as a potent antidote against boredom” 😉

So, because it’s a trend this summer and I don’t want to be boring, I’m going to talk about unusual hair colors!

I’ve always wanted a unique hair color, ever since I was a child and I loved watching and reading anime and manga. Now that I can I have tried many colors and brands in the past couple of years that I thought my experience will be useful to you!

1 – First thing first, for the best results, I would recommend using this unusual colors on bleached, pre-lightened or naturally light blonde hair. I have bleached my hair at the salon with the help of professional people, because it could be difficult doing it on your own at home and you might damage your precious locks! So go to an hairstylist for the safety of your hair!

2 – Now we can talk about the colors that will work well only with bleached, pre-lightened or naturally light blonde hair. I have happily changed many colors in 3 years, so here are my favorite color kits based on simple application and standout results:

Crazy Color [Official Website]


Stargazer [Official Website

These are both semi-permanent hair color dyes for direct application to the hair; they allow you to achieve a wide range of vibrant translucent colors. Particularly, Stargazer has an amazing range of colors that are very bright and very pigmented; their formula is really great and can resist on your hair for 2 to 3 weeks at least!

The instructions inside of the hair color box says that you have to wash your hair first, towel dry it and then use the product, but I find out that when you put it on dry hair and only wash it after, the color will maintain the maximum impact on your hair for the maximum length of time! 🙂

3 – Another trick I learned: you can mix the formula with a drop or two of a good white conditioner to sooth your scalp and locks when you put on your dye product!

Also, you must apply a drop of Vaseline or Nivea Cream to your hairline and ears beforehand so that splattered formula doesn’t stain your skin.

4 – Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you should always buy a few boxes of dye. Someone with below-the-chest strands, may require two or three boxes to get full coverage.

This hair colors (except the silver and white toners) can also be mixed together to produce a wider range of colors.

If you don’t plan on bleaching your hair and dying it with semi permanent unusual colors anytime soon, you can try hair chalks, spray or mascara that will last only one wash or one night. In this case, I would recommend using an hair spray to block the color, otherwise the product will transfer on your clothes or pillowcase!

5 – Shampoo, extensive exposure to sunlight, swimming and hair spray can all cause hair color to prematurely fade. In fact, chlorine and sea water strip away the hair cuticle, allowing minerals in the water to get into the hair shaft and alter your color. So, rather than diving in, sit on the beach or poolside with a large hat on your head for at least two weeks after dyeing your hair.

Certain shampoos, like clarifying or dandruff-fighting formulas, can strip away hair color with sulfates and harsh chemicals. My experience tells me that if you want to keep your brand new color as long as possible you don’t want to wash your hair so frequently as every day, because the color would not last so long! You should also buy a color preserving shampoo, which is more gentle.

6 – Hair always gets a little damaged when applying color, because both permanent and semi-permanent dyes contain harsh chemicals. You must use a good conditioner [like Paul Mitchell – Moisture Super-Charged Moisturizer my review here] every time you need to wash your hair, and a mask at least once a week to moisturize dry hair and restore shine. The mask aids in repairing damaged hair and fortifying strands so they resist further breakage.

7 – Every day millions of people enjoy coloring their hair. However,a small number of them may have an allergic reaction. Check this site to have important information about how to color your hair well and safely.

These crazy hair colors look insanely awesome on everyone and give off a fun, carefree vibe that is sure to step up your style for this summer season.

So go ahead, be creative and not timid! 😉

My hair colors:  

The colors I love the most:

The crazy color I used for the blue hair:  
P.S. : The green one that I don’t have anymore because it’s finished is “Tropical green” by Stargazer and when I had blue hair I mixed “Capri Blue” by Crazy Color with “Royal Blue” by Stargazer 🙂 

I haven’t tryed it yet, but a lot of bloggers have said great things about this Brand 🙂



7 Cose (Più o Meno) Che Dovete Sapere Prima Di Tingervi I Capelli Di Colori Strani

Ciao a tutti! 🙂 La noia è… beh, noiosa, così lo slogan di quest’estate sembra essere… “tingetevi i capelli viola, verdi, blu o dei colori dell’arcobaleno come antidoto contro la noia”;)

Quindi, dato che quest’estate va molto di moda e io non voglio essere noiosa, oggi vi parlerò di come tingervi i capelli con colori strani e inusuali!

Ho sempre voluto avere i capelli di colori strani, fin da quando ero bambina e adoravo vedere gli anime giapponesi e leggere i manga.

Adesso che sono più grande e posso fare come mi pare, ho provato tanti colori di capelli durante i tre anni passati che ho pensato di condividere la mia esperienza con voi e che vi potesse essere utile!

1 – Per prima cosa, per avere un risultato ottimale, vi consiglio di usare questi colori particolari solo su capelli schiariti, decolorati o di un colore biondo naturale chiarissimo. Io mi sono decolorata prima di usare questi colori per la prima volta, ma sono andata dal mio parrucchiere perché decolorarli a casa è un’operazione complicata e rischiereste di danneggiare seriamente la vostra chioma! Quindi per la decolorazione vi consiglio di rivolgervi sempre al vostro parrucchiere di fiducia!
2 – Chiarito questo punto ora posso parlarvi dei colori che funzionano benissimo solo sui capelli biondi chiari, decolorati o schiariti. Ho cambiato colore di capelli parecchie volte in 3 anni, così ora posso dirvi i kits che secondo me sono i migliori, sia per facilità di applicazione sia per i risultati:

Crazy Color [Sito Ufficiale]


Stargazer [Sito Ufficiale

Sono entrambe tinte semi – permanenti che si possono applicare direttamente sui capelli; hanno una vasta scelta di tonalità e vi permettono di ottenere colori accesi e brillanti.

In particolare la Stargazer ha una fantastica palette di colori luminosi e intensi; la formula del prodotto è ottima e riesce a resistere sui vostri capelli anche per 2 o 3 settimane!

Le istruzioni sulla scatola dicono che dovete usare il prodotto dopo che vi siete lavate i capelli e li avete asciugati

con l’asciugamano, ma io ho scoperto che è meglio usare la tinta sui capelli asciutti e lavarli solo dopo, in questo modo le ciocche assorbiranno meglio il colore che sarà più intenso, compatto e resisterà più a lungo! 🙂


3- Un altro trucco che ho imparato: potete mischiare il prodotto con una piccola quantità di un ottimo balsamo bianco. Eviterete così che la vostra cute e le vostre chiome si irritino troppo quando andrete a mettere la tinta sui capelli!

Inoltre ricordatevi sempre di mettervi un po’ di crema Nivea o qualsiasi altra crema idratante sulla linea tra i capelli e la pelle e sulle orecchie per evitare irritazioni nel caso qualche goccia di tinta finisse sulla pelle.


4 – A seconda della lunghezza e spessore dei vostri capelli, dovreste sempre acquistare almeno 2 confezioni di prodotto. Per avere un’ottima copertura e il giusto colore una persona con i capelli lunghi oltre le spalle ha bisogno almeno di due o tre scatole di tinta.

Questi colori si possono anche mischiare assieme (tranne il bianco e l’argento) per creare una tonalità unica ed originale.

Se non avete voglia di schiarirvi i capelli e tingerli con questi colori semi-permanenti ma volete comunque provare un colore strano che resista solo per qualche ora o per un lavaggio potete sempre usare gli spray, i mascara e i gessetti colorati che si trovano ormai quasi ovunque nelle profumerie e nei negozi di articoli per parrucchieri. In questo caso però ricordatevi di usare uno spray fissativo o una lacca per bloccare il colore sulla ciocca di capelli, altrimenti il prodotto potrebbe trasferirsi sui vestiti o sul cuscino!

5 – Lo shampoo, l’esposizione al sole, il nuoto e gli spray per capelli spesso fanno sì che il colore sparisca molto prima del normale. Infatti il cloro e l’acqua di mare sono in grado di portare via lo strato superficiale del capelli, permettendo ai minerali presenti nell’acqua di penetrare in profondità nel tessuto del capello e alterare il colore. Quindi, invece di tuffarvi subito in mare o in piscina, sedetevi sulla spiaggia con un largo cappello in testa almeno per le prime due settimane dopo che vi siete tinte i capelli.

Alcuni shampoo, come quelli antiforfora o quelli schiarenti, possono farvi sbiadire il colore in fretta perchè contengono solfati e prodotti chimici molto forti. L’esperienza mi ha insegnato che se volte che il vostro colore resista più a lungo non dovete assolutamente lavarvi i capelli ogni giorno! Vi consiglio inoltre di usare uno shampoo apposito per capelli tinti; di solito è più gentile e contribuisce a preservare il colore più a lungo.

6 – Inevitabilmente quando vi tingete i capelli, essi tendono sempre a rovinarsi un po’, perché sia i colori permanenti sia quelli semi-permanenti contengono componenti chimici molto forti. Dovete usare un buon balsamo [come il Paul Mitchell – Moisture Super-Charged Moisturizer la mia recensione qui] ogni volta che li lavate e una maschera almeno una volta alla settimana per idratare le ciocche disidratate e ripristinare la lucidità dei capelli. La maschera aiuta a riparare i danni subiti dai capelli e a fortificare le ciocche per impedire che le punte si spezzino.

7 – Ogni giorno milioni di persone nel mondo si tingono i capelli. Bisogna considerare però che alcune di loro potrebbero sviluppare fastidiose reazioni allergiche. Controllate questo sito per avere informazioni importanti su come tingervi i capelli in tutta sicurezza.


Queste strane tinte di capelli stanno benissimo a tutte/i e trasmettono l’idea di una personalità piacevole e divertente; sono insomma un ottimo passaporto per esaltare il vostro stile e la vostra personalità durante questa calda estate.

Quindi fatevi avanti, siate creative/i e non timide/i! 😉