Summer Favourites – Review of Zoeva Sweet Glamour Palette:

Hello everyone! Today is a makeup day review, because we are going to talk about a gorgeous summer palette with lovely pastel shades, the Zoeva Sweet Glamour Palette.

Who is it for?

Everyone who wants a light but colorful makeup for a hot summer day or for a fun, relaxing evening.

What’s good about it?

The range of shades goes from a tender sorbet peach to a soft baby blue with a luscious lemon in between, all of them enchantingly glamorous and perfect to create a dreamy day look.

Despite the light pastel colors the pigmentation is really good and, once applied, these eye shadows wore well throughout a standard workday without fading, flaking and with minimal creasing.

Moreover these eye shadows have a very smooth texture and blend beautifully, even if it takes a bit of work to get the color to show up with a beautiful and intense tone.

These powder eye shadows are also enriched with vitamin E, and are 100% free of parabens, sulfates and fragrance.

So, in this palette you will find 10 eye shadows :

Fuzzy Haze – a cold white with a matte finish;

Phantasy Principle – a rose gold tone with a bright finish; 

Quite Realistic – a peachy cold shade with a matte finish;

Object To Subject – a lilac cold tone with a bright finish;

Daydream – a purple shade with a matte finish;

Childhood Adaption – a cold light blue with a matte finish;

Wish Fulfilment – a cold green shade with a bright finish;

Artistic Creation – a yellow tone with a bright finish;

Profusion – a brown tone with a matte finish; 

Spirits Held Desire – a cold taupe shade with a bright finish.

This palette offers a great mixture of matte and bright finishes, so you can be creative with your eye shadow makeup; it’s perfect for a unique Summer look!

What’s not so good about it?

The only issue with these eye shadows is that the first application doesn’t bring much color in. A single swipe of one of the 10 shades, especially the lighter tones, will results in a light wash of color on the lids. But the texture and the pigmentation are really good, so the colors are all buildable allowing you to apply multiple layers until you’ll reach the shade you wanted from the beginning. Or you can use a damp brush to make the colors show up a little more.

Another ‘not so good’ fact is that you can buy this lovely palette only on Zoeva website.

 Final thoughts!

If you love pastel hues for Summer you really need to try Zoeva Sweet Glamour, it will be a gorgeous addition to your other eyeshadow palettes. You can also create many unique looks mixing these shades with other nude or dark colors. Plus the prize is great, given the quality of the product, the packaging and the 10 different shades.

You can buy it here.

The palette:



Makeup using this palette:




Review of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania and Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel:

Hello everyone! 🙂 NYX is one of those brands that I’ve heard so much about and I’ve always wanted to try but never been able to find… until last month. So, when the post man arrived last week with my first NYX order from Feelunique I was really excited. Here are my reviews of my new NYX liquid lipsticks:

• NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania:

It’s a very bold and pigmented color between black and burgundy, a beautiful shade! The product has a creamy texture at first, but then the finish is really matte, and so comfortable to wear that once it’s dried down you forget it’s even there.

It has long lasting properties and the wand applicator is very easy to use (I have tested it and I can honestly say that it lasts for about 6 hours without fading – if you don’t eat or drink).

I would also say that the final result is almost like a light film of paint on your lips, absolutely amazing!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is a great, highly pigmented, long lasting and matte finish liquid lipstick that’s a true beauty bargain! 


Final vote:

•NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel:

I love the color and the sweet smell of this amazing lip gloss! In fact, all the Butter Gloss shades are named after desserts and they are lightly fragranced, too.

They are also highly pigmented and come in a great variety of sheer shades as well as some neutrals.

The NYX Intense Butter Gloss has a long lasting, moisturizing texture and the wand applicator is very easy to use (I have tested it and I can honestly say that it lasts for about 6 hours without fading – if you don’t eat or drink).

Keep in mind that this is a liquid lipstick and it has a very “fluid” creamy texture, so I would recommend using a lip contouring pencil before applying it because the product can bleed outside the lip lines after an hour or two of wearing it.

The only not-so-great-thing about the NYX Intense Butter Gloss is that it feels a little bit sticky at first, but once you’ve applied it and it’s dried down it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the lips.

Other than that, NYX Intense Butter Gloss is a good, highly pigmented and long lasting lip gloss that’s a true beauty bargain.



-Final vote:


You can buy them here.

The packaging:

The consistance and the swatches:





The summer time candle review:

Hello everyone! 🙂 It’s summer time and we all need some quality relaxing time, maybe with a book and a scented candle during this hot evening nights!

P.S: If you’re staying outside, beware of the mosquitoes… and only use citronella candles! 😉
So, back to the point, today I’m going to talk about Yankee Candle Tarts, Zara Home Candles and Bolsius Candles!

• Let’s begin with Yankee Candle Tarts Wax Melts:

I have a lot of them and I really love their smell! They come in a whole host of different flavors and are very cheap, if you want to try many different scents. Also, they last up to 8 hours and have a great persistent fragrance. So, I would definitively recommend the tarts instead of the candles because with less money you can buy more tarts than candles and they smell even better.

With this Candle Tarts you have to use a ceramic oil burner with a tea light inside. Then, to pour the wax out of the ceramic burner, you have to let it cool for at least two hours or put it in the fridge or freezer before popping the wax out.

You can find Yankee Candle Tarts on their Official Website or in a very provided DIY or bricolage store! 

• To the Zara Home Ginger Lily Candle:

If you are, like me, a candle lover and have not seen Zara Home’s selection yet, you are missing a big smelly trick. 😉 They have a luxurious smell, last very long and – bonus point – they are not bank breaking! Moreover, their scent is strong without being over-powering like some other candles. I bought the smaller one which comes in a purple glass tumbler and lasts 35 hours (there is also a larger one which comes in a clear cylindrical glass tumbler and lasts 80 hours). From the picture you can see that I have used quite a lot of it, but I would definitively recommend to burn it for an hour or two max and then snuff out the candle, because at some point your nose will get used to the scent and you won’t be able to appreciate the fragrance anymore! These candles are 100% vegetable wax and come in a whole host of flavors.

If there isn’t a Zara Home store near you, you can find them on their Official Website 

And last but not leastthe Lilac Blossom Bolsius Candle (the company website is here )

I have just bought the Lilac Blossom flavor and have already used it for a few hours! The smell is so lovely and much softer that you would expect, making it the perfect candle for the bedroom or your desk. Also, its slightly persistent scent is great for people, like me, that hate too strong fragrances. You can find the Bolsius Candles in a very provided DIY or bricolage shop.




Ciao a tutti! 🙂 Tempo d’estate e di relax, magari con un bel libro e una candela profumata a tenerci compagnia durante queste caldissime sere d’estate!

P.S: Se rimanete all’aperto attenzione però alle zanzare… in quel caso usate solo candele alla citronella! 😉

Ma, tornando al punto, oggi vi parlerò delle Tartine della Yankee Candle, delle Candele di Zara Home e delle Candele Bolsius!

Iniziamo con le tartine della Yankee Candle:
Ne ho parecchie e adoro il loro profumo! Sono molto economiche rispetto alle candele e si trovano in tantissime profumazioni diverse, se volete provarne parecchie con un acquisto solo. In più, durano per circa 8 ore e la loro fragranza è abbastanza persistente. Quindi io vi consiglierei di comprare le tartine piuttosto che le candele perché spendendo di meno ne potete comprare di più e, secondo me, il loro profumo si sente di più rispetto a quello delle candele.

Con le tartine dovete usare però un bruciaessenze in ceramica con una tea light da inserire nell’apposito spazio. Poi, dopo l’uso, per staccare la tartina dal bruciaessenze dovete o aspettare che si raffreddi per almeno 2 ore oppure dovete mettere il bruciaessenze nel frigo o nel freezer prima di riuscire a togliere la cera della tartina.

Potete trovarle su QVC Italia, Amazon Italia o in qualsiasi negozio di bricolage ben fornito! 

La candela di Zara Home – versione Ginger Lily:

Se vi piacciono le candele, tanto quanto piacciono a me, e non avete ancora visto la selezione delle nuove candele di Zara Home vi state perdendo un oggetto meraviglioso e profumoso! 😉

La loro fragranza è lussuriosa, durano a lungo e, punto in più, non dovete rapinare una banca per doverle comprare (come certe marche di candele)! Inoltre il loro profumo è forte, ma senza essere eccessivo come succede con altri tipi di candele. Io ho comprato quella piccola che è disponibile in un bicchiere di vetro viola e dura fino a 35 ore (c’è anche la versione più grande che è disponibile in un bicchiere cilindrico di vetro bianco e dura fino a 80 ore). Dalla foto potete vedere che ne ho già consumata un bel po’, ma io vi consiglierei di lasciarla accesa per una, massimo due ore e poi spegnerla, perché dopo un po’ di tempo il vostro naso si abituerà al profumo e non sarete più in grado di apprezzarla come all’inizio. Queste candele sono composte al 100% di cera vegetale e sono disponibili in diverse profumazioni, tutte da provare!

Se non c’è un negozio di Zara vicino a casa vostra potete comprare le candele direttamente sul Sito Ufficiale  

• E ultima, ma non per importanza… la candela Fiore di Lillà della Bolsius (il sito della ditta è questo )

Non ho resistito, ho appena comprato la candela Fiore di Lillà della Bolsius e l’ho già accesa per un paio d’ore! Il profumo è delizioso e molto più leggero di quello che ci si aspetterebbe, questo la rende una candela perfetta da tenere in camera o sulla scrivania. Inoltre, il suo profumo leggero ma persistente è perfetto per quelle persone, come me, che non amano le fragranze troppo forti. Potete trovare le candele Bolsius nei negozi Leroy Merlin.