Stationery and Co. Spring Ideas:

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about something more colorful and relaxing than makeup and skincare; hand lettering, stationery and colorful pens. Yeah for Spring Season!
First of all I’m going to say that I get the majority of my ideas and creative inspirations from Pinterest, where I always find amazing tips and tricks.

So, in this post I will show you some great color pens, a bunch of lovely notebooks, and a lot of black pens with different tip sizes to write motivational quotes or to draw cute illustrations in your bullet journal.

I will also talk about my picks for a good starter pack for those girls that would love to have a cute and colorful planner or bullet journal, but don’t know how to properly start one. Hope that this will help a little bit!

A cute clear notebook.

You can use it as a notebook-meets-bullet journal, or to write inspiring quotes, or whatever words you feel the need to put down on paper. It is a very helpful tool because you can keep track of your daily meetings, appointments, tasks etc., and also it can be a very good synthesis of your best personal ideas and strategies to improve and organize your daily life. Moreover, it’s so refreshing and calming to write, in your own handwriting, whatever you want in a beautiful journal, after spending so much of our day (and sometimes night) online, on devices and apps.

 – My beloved black Sakura Pigma Micron Fine Pens in the numbers 005, 01, 02, 05.

These are excellent drawing pens that are also pretty good for writing, too. They have a precise, strong and consistent line with a great pigmented ink that is fade resistant and will not smudge or transfer/stain the paper below. They’re available in red, green, blue and, of course, black. Moreover, the barrel is a good comfortable length, the cap posts securely and the weight is just fine.

– Color Pens Giotto Turbo Giant and Turbo Glitter in Pastel.

I have been searching for these color pens for a very long time, then a couple of days ago I have finally found them… yeah!!! The Turbo Giant have a felt-tip that writes a 1mm line. The shades are super pastel, so light and spring-ish, but the ink is great because it writes and color in very well and doesn’t stain the back of your sheet.

The Turbo Glitter, on the other hand, have a fun and bright colors thanks mostly to the glitters in the ink (so your words will spark under the lights or glow under the sun like a unicorn mane ;-). But you have to be careful with these one because if you put down too much pressure you can easily stain the paper below. 

The amazing Guangdong Genvana Brush Pens.

I have recently bought these amazing brush pens on Amazon. I have them in three different tips sizes:

– the first one has a medium tip size;

– the second one has a long brush tip that gives a sharply defined line with wide variation in width. It’s possible to get very fine lines, with care, and, on the other hand, big broad strokes;

– the last one has a hard fairly fine tip (this one gives a good sharp and consistent line).

I really like their ink because it’s the best I have ever used with a good pigmented color that will dry fairly quickly and then fade a bit with a textured brush effect. These great brush pens have a good brush tip, but you need to be careful and put down just the right amount of ink; too much pressure and you can easily stain the paper below. 

Some cute and colorful washi tapes.

I love washi tapes! I always use them to decorate my bullet journal and my Filofax organiser. It’s a relaxing 5 minutes hobby and during a blue Monday (or any other “blue” day, actually) you can look at them and smile a little bit.

– Post-It Notes in different shapes and Letters Stamps.

For a little vintage touch I love to use Letters Stamps. And Post-It Notes in different shapes are great to stick everywhere on your bullet journal just for fun or as reminders for important appointments/dates.

This is it, my cute, funny and useful bullet journal guide kit. I hope you will like it.

So, what about you? Have you ever used a bullet journal?

How do you decorate it? I would love to hear you ideas!




My favorite blush and contouring kit with swatches:

Hello everyone! 🙂 Finally winter is here, in full force and freezing temperatures. In this weather your skin can become dry, sensitive and dull as soon as you go outside. So, you want your natural, healthy and glowing look back? A little bit of blush or bronzer on your cheeks will do the trick.Today we are going to talk about my favorite blush and contouring kit!

Let’s start with my favorite contouring kit: 

•Kiko – Daring Game Collection – Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer n. 01 Radiant Honey:

This product, a limited edition from the 2014 A/W Daring Game collection, has an amazing packaging, but I can honestly say that it is more than a pretty package, as it performs just as well as it looks! It contains two contouring shades and one highlighter in the same beautifully embroidered compact with a mirror.

The two contouring shades match perfectly, if you are going to use them together, and they can give you a really beautiful and natural “sun kissed” tone. Moreover, this powder medium-bronze contouring kit is awesome especially for those who struggle to find a natural-looking shade for their skin tone, because this is not the least bit muddy or orange looking. I never use too much on my face, because I have a fair/light skin tone, but this product has a very good pigmentation and it will last all day without melting in a strange “foundation beard“… if you know what I mean. 😉

The powder highlighting side of this duo is equally amazing as it illuminates your skin with a light golden sheen of ultra-fine shimmer. I don’t use the highlighter powder very often, because I have oily/combo skin and unfortunately my face can become dewy during the day! (To prevent that I use my favorite powder, you can find the review here.)

The Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer is fragrance-free, and both the bronzer and highlighter have a soft pressed powder texture that applies and blends easily on every skin type.

So, this is a wonderful and affordable option if you want to give your skin complexion a soft candlelit glow and subtle dimension!

And last, but not least, the blush from the same collection:

•Kiko – Daring Game Collection – Top Pairs Blush n. 02 Raspberry Rose and Peach:

Another beautiful package that contains a duo of color-coordinated shades (one pink and one peach).
I use the pinkish one during the autumn/winter season to add a little bit of color on my cheeks, and the peach one in the spring/summer when I have a little bit of tan! 🙂

These blush are richly pigmented and blend easily on your skin—their degree of pigment means a little goes a long way (you really don’t need to re-touch the product multiple times a day with your brush or you’ll end up like a 1800’s doll)! 😉

Also, you will see that both shades work well on their own or mixed to create a great custom color.

The Top Pairs Blush blends really well on every skin type, provides an intensely pigmented and customizable coverage color and the wear time is excellent.

I’ve always loved Kiko special collections/limited editions range because, in my opinion, these products are excellent and they are super affordable especially during the sale season. I can honestly say that, if you want to try something from this brand for the first time, it’s better if you go for the special collections instead of the regular one!

I know that the Daring Game Collection is pretty old and not easy to find, but I can say that the new Kiko All Stars Face Palette, it’s good as well and a brand new collection… you can find it here.

The products:


The contouring kit and blush combination: