Hello everyone! Today we are talking about a DIY skincare product; a lovely face mask with only 3 ingredients in it that are super cheap and easy to find.

So, get ready to pamper yourself  with this super easy DIY mask;  it is perfect to achieve a beautiful glowing skin without spending time and money at your local spa.

You will only need 3 natural ingredients that are really easy to find in your favorite grocery store or farmer market: coconut oil, brown sugar and coffee grounds.

 Here is the recipe:

1– Melt a teaspoon of coconut oil by putting it in a mug and then, for no less than 30 seconds, in the microwave;

2– Retrieve a teaspoon of coffee grounds from your coffee pot;

3Mix the coconut oil and the coffee grounds together in a small glass bowl;

4– Add a teaspoon of brown sugar;

5Mix everything together happily;

6Apply to the face and keep the mixture on for 15 minutes;

7– Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Et voilà, you will have an amazing moisturizing/exfoliating face mask suitable for all skin types. In fact, the coconut oil is a lovely nourishing natural product; sugar is a brilliant natural exfoliant because it tends not to tear at the skin (like other stronger products); coffee grounds are awesome to bright your skin and wake up a dull-ish complexion.

Some words of advice:

 A) I prefer washing masks off with a warm and wet washcloth, instead of a plain and simple splash of water. I run a washcloth under lukewarm water, squeeze out the excess water and then gently wash off the mask in a circular motion. Washcloths are also brilliant for exfoliating.

B) If you don’t particularly like the slightly “greasy” sensation that coconut oil naturally leaves on your face, you can use a gentle cleanser to remove it after, of course, you have rinse off all the mixture of the mask. 

C) I would recommend staying right on your bathroom sink while you put this mask on, because otherwise the coffee grains will spread everywhere, even on your cloths, so be careful.

 I love to apply this mask before an event or a night out as it gets my skin glowing.

 Plus the smell of coffee and coconut oil blended together? OMG, heavenly!

Have you already tried this DIY mask or are you tempted to frantically search for the ingredients throughout your kitchen cabinets right now and try it ASAP? I really like it, so I would love to know your thoughts about it!

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Review of the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner:

Hello everyone! 🙂 Today it’s a skincare day review and we are going to talk about the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner. So, let’s get clear our dull and foggy skin 😉

Who is it for?

Everyone who wants a soft, smooth and bright skin. 

What’s good about it?

This is not a simple toner! The Clarins Gentle Exfoliator is a liquid exfoliant lotion which can be used to sweep away dead skin cells (that can block your pores) and the day’s grime and pollution, leaving your skin brighter, smoother and softer.

Moreover, its texture feels soft and comfortable on your face; this product will really gently exfoliate the surface of your skin without drying it!

You can apply this lotion in the same way of a classic toner; after washing your face, put a small amount of product on a cotton wool disc and swept it across your face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area. Also, you can maximize the effectiveness of the product by waiting for 1-2 minute before continuing your usual skin care routine.

I really love this acid toner, ever since I started using it my pores are clearer, my whole complexion is brighter and looks healthier, but it’s important not to overdoing it; use the exfoliant once or twice a week max!

The Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is a lotion formulated with fruit acids; the tamarind acid eliminates impurities and boost cellular renewal, the white nettle extract will refine your enlarged pores with its astringent benefits.

Last, but not least this lotion smells heavenly thanks to a summer-ish fragrance that will transport you straight to the future – the next summer holidays!  

You can buy it here [UK] or here [US] or here [UK]

What’s not so good about it?

This acid toner is gentle per se, but it also has a couple of very active ingredients in it. On the box it says: “this products contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun”. So yes, the AHA can actually make your skin sun sensitive, hence I would recommend using it possibly during your evening skincare routine. However, if you are going to use it in the morning, don’t go outside without a good moisturizer with a proper sun protection.

Final thoughts!

It’s an amazing softening, exfoliating and brightening toner that should be in everyone’s skincare collection. I like to use it especially during the “transitional seasons” (Fall and Spring) for a great skin improvement. 

What’s inside?



Final vote:


4stars on 5

The product:





Ciao a tutti! 🙂 Oggi è tempo di skincare e parleremo della lozione esfoliante delicata di Clarins. Forza! Iniziamo a pulire la nostra pelle spenta. 😉

Per chi è?

Tutte le ragazze che vogliono una pelle soffice, liscia e luminosa.

Cos’ha di buono?

Non è una semplice lozione! Questo prodotto è un un esfoliante in forma liquida che puó essere usato per togliere la pelle morta(che a volte blocca i pori) e la sporcizia o l’inquinamento che durante il giorno si deposita sulla nostra pelle, lasciandola pulita, liscia, soffice e più luminosa.

La texture è confortevole sul vostro viso; questo prodotto esfolierà gentilmente la superficie della pelle senza seccarla troppo!

Potete applicare questa lozione nella stessa maniera in cui applicate i soliti toner per il viso; dopo esservi deterse, prendete un dischetto di cotone e versateci sopra un pochino di questa lozione e passatela sul viso e collo picchiettando, evitate il contorno occhi. Potete, inoltre, massimizzare l’effetto del prodotto aspettando 1-2 minuti prima di utilizzare la crema idratante serale.

Adoro questo tonico acido, da quando ho iniziato ad usarlo i miei pori sono più “puliti”, il mio incarnato è più luminoso e più sano, l’importante è non strafare con questo genere di prodotti; usatelo 1-2 volte a settimana al massimo!

La lozione esfoliante delicata di Clarins contiene gli acidi della frutta; gli acidi del tamarindo eliminano le impurità e aumentano il ricambio cellulare, il lamio bianco restringe i pori grazie ai suoi benefici astringenti.

Per ultimo, ma non per importanza, questa lozione ha un profumo paradisiaco e grazie alla sua fragranza estiva vi trasporterà col pensiero alle vostre vacanze estive prossime o appena passate! 🙂

Potete trovarla qui 

Cosa non mi convince?

Questo tonico è delicato, ma contiene degli ingredienti attivi, come dice sulla scatola:”gli (AHA), Alpha Hydroxy Acid che potrebbero incrementare la sensibilità della pelle al sole.” Quindi detto questo, raccomanderei l’uso di questo prodotto durante la skincare serale possibilmente.

Se proprio volete usarla al mattino prima di uscire di casa ricordatevi di utilizzare una crema giorno con una protezione solare all’interno! 🙂

Considerazioni Finali!

È un prodotto decisamente buono che ognuna di noi dovrebbe avere nella sua skincare routine. Il mio consiglio è di utilizzarla specialmente in queste stagioni di “transizione” (primavera ed autunno) per dare un boost alla pelle.

Voto finale!


4stelle su 5