Review of Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser: 

Hello everyone! 🙂 Today it’s a skincare day review, because we are going to talk about the great Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser. 🙂 

Who is it for?

In particular, everyone who has oily, blemish/acne-prone skin and wants a deep cleansing action. 

What’s good about it? 

I have been using this cleanser for more than 2 years now, and I can honestly say that this is one of the best products I have ever tried.

The silky, creamy texture feels good on the skin and the soap-free formula removes, gently and efficiently, all excess of oil and pollution from your face.

For me, this product works best as a second cleanser, so I would recommend using it in the evening, after you had remove all your make up with another specific product, or as a first cleanser in the morning.

Thanks to the glycolic acid present in its formula, Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser helps to unclog your pores, to remove dirt and dead skin cells, and to gently exfoliate your skin leaving your face with clear pores and a more radiant complexion.

Also, this cleanser will leave your face feeling comfortably clean, soft and smooth without stripping your skin dry.

Moreover, its creamy formula is soap-free, fragrance-free and contains an hydrating ingredient, Sorbitol, that helps to balance and nourish your skin, leaving your face feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day.

As I have already said, I prefer to use it during my evening skincare routine as a treat for my skin. First, I gently massage 2 or 3 pumps of product for 30 sec. onto my dry skin, then I leave on for 1 min. max. After that I remove the product with a clean and wet washcloth and 10 to 15 splash of lukewarm water.

•You can buy it here.

What’s not so good about it?

 It’s a lot ( A LOT! ) pricey, but the bottle contains a great quantity of product (237 ml., to be precise) and this is an amazing product, so it’s worth your money. Plus, you don’t need too much to do the job (FYI: It lasts 6 months or even more in my bathroom cabinet). 😉

Moreover, the formula of Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser is very gentle, but glycolic acid is really a strong and active ingredient, even if it is present in a small amount, so, if you have combination or slightly dry skin, you can use it only every other day, instead of every day to avoid dryness or tightness. In any case I can assure you that the bottle will last you for a very long time!

Last, I would recommend not use this cleanser as an eye makeup remover, because it will burn your eyes! 

Final thoughts! 

I’m really satisfied with this cleanser and I suggest this product especially to girls, like me, that struggle with oily, acne prone skin and/or uneven skintone!

Final Vote:

5on 5 stars


Water (Aqua), Glycolic Acid, Sorbitol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Ammonium Hydroxide, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

The packaging:

The consistance:






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