Review of Serozinc by La Roche-Posay:

Hello everyone! 🙂 Today it’s a skincare day review! We are going to talk about the ‘Magical Mist‘ a.k.a. Serozinc by La Roche-Posay. 😉 

Who is it for?

Everyone who wants a multipurpose mist that can clean, sooth and refresh every skin type.

What’s good about it?

I have used this mist for quite a while now (3 bottles already… and counting) and I absolutely love it. It’s really a brilliant magic product!

This little spray can dispense a really fine mist of water and its simple formula (water, zinc and sodium) is ideal to purify, sooth and refresh your skin in every condition.

In fact, zinc has long been promoted as an ingredient that has positive effects especially on oily and breakout-prone skin; it also has soothing qualities and is good as an anti-irritant.

I have used it as a kind of toner, after cleansing and before applying my acne treatment or my moisturizer.

I have used it as refreshing mist throughout the day during last summer hottest months.

I have used it as a soothing and calming spray when I needed help to deal with bad blemishes and/or inflamed skin; this product really helped me to clear up, purify and calm my skin literally during the night.

Also, it can be used on any sort of irritation, from soothing razor burn to calm nappy rush on baby’s delicate skin.

Moreover, when midday shine sets in, Serozinc can be spray over your makeup to refresh and mattify your complexion.

So, the possibilities are really endless when it comes to this little spray, it can be used for just about everything.

It is also easy to apply; it takes about three seconds to spray it on all over your face whenever you want in your skincare routine, then you can use a cotton pad to sweep it over or simply leave it to absorb and dry fully.

On the bottle you can read that Serozinc is created with just three ingredients: water, healing zinc sulphate (0.10%) and astringent sodium chloride (0.75%). Together, these three ingredients can ensure that your complexion feels fresh and comfortable at any time of day.

Plus it’s hypoallergenic, non-perfumed, and suitable for all skin types.

•You can buy it here.

What’s not so good about it? 

Nothing really! Maybe, the only problem is that it’s not so easy to find and buy in store or even on line. I haven’t been able to find it in stores near me yet, so I don’t think it’s already available here in Italy, for example.

Final thoughts! 

This is a brilliant product, very effective, really affordable and a must have for everyone.

I’m really in love with Serozinc, the ‘Magical Mist‘ by La Roche-Posay! 😉

Final Vote:


5on 5 stars 


Aqua/Water • Sodium Chloride • Zinc Sulphate.

The packaging:








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