Menù ideas: Easter Brunch

Hello everyone 🙂 This week it’s a special week, because Sunday it’s Easter Day! So, today we are going to prepare some traditional Italian (and non Italian) dishes for Easter Lunch or, if you’re not celebrating, for a great spring brunch with your friends! 

Start with an appetizer:

Bruschette alla Caprese.{Here}

This dish is super fresh and light, a lovely beginning for a perfect Sunday brunch!

Continuing with:

Vegetarian Paella.{Here}

This will take a little while because you have to combine several ingredients together, but in the end it will be a success! Plus, it’s a great idea for your vegetarian friend, uncle, sister etc. 😉

If you are still hungry but not so much, here it is a simple but tasteful side dish! 

Russian salad.{Here}

Very quick and easy side dish to make when you have nothing remaining in your fridge except for mayonnaise and some vegetables! You can also add tuna or diced boiled chicken.

For dessert a very traditional Italian sweet pie for Easter days:

Neapolitan Pastiera.{Here}

It’s a little bit complicated to do this alone so recruit your friends/relatives to help you preparing this wonderful tasty pie!

That’s all folks! 🙂 Enjoy this spring holiday with your relatives, friends, cats and dogs! 😉 


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