Review of The Revitalizing Oil by Darphin:

Hello everyone! πŸ™‚ Today it’s a skincare day review, so we are going to talk about The Revitalizing Oil for face, body, and hair by Darphin. πŸ™‚
Who is it for?

Everyone who wants a multi-tasking and lightweight oil to revitalize, nourish, protect, reinforce and balance the delicate skin barrier of your face.

What’s good about it?

This is an amazing multi-tasking product, in fact you can use it on your face, your body and even on your hair! After using it, your hair will look immediately silkier and stronger with a gorgeous shine. Moreover, its pleasurable scent will help relieve the effect of stress with a welcomed dose of aromatherapy, leaving your body feeling pampered and relaxed inside and out. And, obviously, Revitalizing Oil is suitable for all skin types.

However, I prefer to use it primarily on my face because, thanks to its light and gentle texture, this oil is nourishing but not too rich, hydrating but not greasy and, bonus point, it absorbs instantly leaving no slickly residue behind, just a soft and smooth skin.

The Revitalizing Oil formula is 98% natural and its blend of over 9 essential oils, including sunflower seed, argan, jojoba seed, ylang-ylang and jasmine can help to protect, even out and revitalize your complexion. Moreover, Tamanu and Lavender oil are very good ingredients to balance, detoxify and prevent infections if you have oily, combination or even acne prone skin.

β€’ How to use it: I generally use 3-5 drops for my whole face during my evening skincare routine. I work the oil into my palms then, using gentle pressing motions, I put it on the skin in upwards movements across my face and neck. I always followed by a light texture, moisturizing night cream. I would recommend to try to avoid rubbing the oil into your skin, plus it is better if you apply everything you need to use first (i.e. serum, toner, blemish treatments. etc…) then put it on your facial oil and finish with your favourite moisturizer.

Having oily, acne prone skin I’ve never been a huge fan of facial oils because I’ve always thought they were going to leave my skin super greasy, but now I’ve definitely changed my mind. After using The Revitalizing Oil every other day for almost a month my skin feels smoother, softer and more balanced than before. Also, when I apply it at night, the next morning my face looks radiant, silky and the redness patches are pretty much gone. So, now this oil is an essential part of my skincare regime!

If you will use it only on your face, a little would go a long way, making this product definitely worth of your money. Also, if you’re looking to try something from Darphin range without breaking your bank account, this is the best product! 
– You can find it here or here.

What’s not so good about it?

The dispenser… Let’s talk about the dispenser.

I know that many of you will love it and think that it is more practical than a pipette, but for me no, it’s not! The problem is that, if you don’t pay enough attention, the product coming out of the dispenser will literally slip outside the bottle, then you’ll need to try to catch every drop of it with your fingers as if it was the last glob of your favourite jam! I personally would have preferred a pipette dispenser, so much easier to use. 

Final thoughts!  

In my opinion, this is a great oil that works very well to replenish moisture, give a more radiant and healthy complexion, reduce redness and balance the texture of your skin.



 Final Vote:


5on 5 stars

The packaging:


The consistance:





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