St. Valentine’s Menu:

Hello everyone:) This Sunday it’s Valentine’s day!Whether you are planning to cook some impressive dishes for your loved ones or to create a lovely dinner for your friends , today I’m going to post some ideas for a romantic dinner menu with amazing Italian recipes.


To break the ice – Citrus Limoncello Martini Cocktail:  

Super fresh but not too sweet, perfect to break the ice and start the conversation with your partner/partners in crime! πŸ˜‰ 

Here is the video recipe.

To start – Arancini (rice croquettes) Appetizer:  

This is a very common ad tasty appetizer in Italy, made with rice, tomato paste and ragΓΉ bolognese with mozzarella cubes inside. I assure you that with this recipe you will touch the heart (and the belly) of your beloved ones! 

Here is the video recipe.

To get you in the mood – Seafood Spaghetti (the main dish):  

Wow your guest/s with this delicate, but delicious dish.

With all this variety of seafood you will almost be able to smell the scent of the Mediterranean sea thanks to the squids, scampi and parsley! 

Here is the video recipe.

To impress – Lady’s Kisses (baci di dama) Dessert: 


These are traditional biscuits from Piedmont. They are made with a decadent chocolate cream, a scent of orange blossoms, almonds and a pinch of salt! Chocolate certainly holds undertones of romance so this is a great idea to finish your Valentine’s dinner.

Here is the video recipe.

Last touch, turn off the TV and your smartphone, turn down the lights and turn on soft slow music and now… enjoy your dinner and your company.

Hope your Valentine’s day will be an amazing one this year! πŸ™‚ 




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